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Welcome to the Aprilia Riders Forum!  Please take a moment now to fill out your profile information.  That allows ARC members with similar interests to find each other.

Your Profile page is accessed with the red PROFILE tab hanging off the header.  You can edit your information from there.  Just look for the Modify Profile menu on the left and choose Forum Profile Information.  Here you can enter and view all the usual forum stuff, like your avatar, tag line, signature, messaging options, etc.

We suggest you create a personal album in the ARC Gallery.  There you can upload pictures of yourself, your bikes and your rides.  That let's everyone see and learn more about each other.  You can create additional albums too and use them for anything bike-related (and clean!).  Pictures are limited to 2 MB each by the system.  Anything bigger you will need to scale down before uploading.

The Forum allows photos to be attached to postings too.  The same 2 MB limit each applies.  So you have choices how to share!

If you have any questions about any of this, just shoot a message to the Admin.  Or post it in the Arc Feedback section of the forum.

Enjoy The Aprilia Riders Forum!

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